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Recently an article posted by ADP contained eight suggestions for getting new employees acclimated into a firm’s culture. Item #6 promoted the importance of training.

At Crosspointe, we’re all for that!  Our consultants are often contacted only when software programs, applications and systems are so hopelessly muddled that reaching out for help is the last step before throwing systems and data away.  When new – and existing – employees are trained in advance, it means less errors, accurate usage and more appreciation for the investment made in software programs and applications.

There are certain misconceptions about training –

“[Name of Employee] can teach the new person.
After all, they use the program.”
  • Using a program or application does not mean a person has the necessary skills to teach it.
  • Someone with the skill set *and* the ability to communicate knowledge can.
“Just find some YouTube videos.” Video presentations, whether through YouTube or other sites, are exactly that: presentations.

  • They represent what the producer wants you to see and are not necessarily what you need to know.
  • They do not answer questions, nor do they necessarily cover topics in which you are interested.
  • They do NOT show how a program fits in to further a firm’s mission, culture and procedures.
  • If you want answers to questions in areas that matter, then training with a live person achieves that.
“You should know how to do this.”
  • Employees are hired for their skills but even if they have prior experience with a program, they cannot be expected to know how their new firm uses it.
“I’m sure [name of employee] will be fine.”
  • It is important that supervisors regularly check in with new employees to ensure they are using programs and applications correctly and that they are transitioning into their new positions.
  • Ask for feedback and use it to make adjustments or improvements that may require a review of what is learned during training.
  • Listen for suggestions – many times a new viewpoint can contribute to a more efficient way to use programs.


Bringing in consultants who are certified on your software and applications can also have the following benefits:

  • Business analytics
  • For accounting and billing programs, a review of rate and billing structures
  • Database design, including custom fields to track data
  • Reviewing reports
  • Creation of custom reports showing data important to a firm
  • Increased efficiency in capturing expenses, particularly from copier, postage and phone systems
  • Business consulting
  • Increased efficiency in organizing and locating documents
  • Integration of third-party software
  • Database performance and optimization
  • Support for older versions of products
  • Assist I.T. consultants with installation and upgrades of your programs and applications (it’s not all Microsoft!)
  • Individual or group software training
  • Remote support for the quick question
  • Design workflow to incorporate an application into a firm’s culture and use it to further a firm’s objectives and goals

Despite the marketing rhetoric, most programs and applications do not pop out of a box, full-blown and ready to use.  At Crosspointe Consulting Group, our staff are trained AND certified on the products we support, with many years of experience in answering questions and crafting solutions for our clients.  Call us at 877-357-0555 or write to us as info@crosspointecg.com and let us help you maximize the benefits from your investment in your programs and applications