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News from PCLaw|Time Matters

We’ve written about cloud-based applications in our recent posts, but the staff at PCLaw|Time Matters LLC (also known as “P|T”) have been busy with their flagship on-premise products. Here are their latest announcements: All is forgiven?  Limited time offer...

Soluno and LawPay: Two Firms – One Single Solution

We recently introduced Soluno to our readers as a cloud-based, all-in-one time, billing and trust accounting solution that BusinessWire recently declared to be “one of the fastest-growing legal accounting products in the industry.” [1] On July 30, Soluno launched its...

Using NetDocuments on iPads

Users can download the NetDocuments iPad/iPhone app from the Apple Store which gives them the ability to add, edit, view and share documents through their devices.

Cybersecurity Tips

Like many professionals around the world, our Crosspointe consultants have been working remotely due to COVID-19. For this post we have a guest blogger, Brian Okun from Braintrace, a New York cybersecurity firm.  Brian has put together some tips on how to create a...

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Working from Home

As our world turns upside down with the Coronavirus pandemic, the phrase “working from home” has been appearing much more frequently in the messages sent from information workers. As the weeks of “social distancing” drag on in response to the pandemic, businesses will need to start re-thinking the whole concept of worker productivity, and the location where work can be most efficiently performed.

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