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Over the last few days versions of the Crypto virus have been hitting hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations.

Some large organizations such as AOL, MSN, and BBC have been victims of this powerful virus and this has affected the networks of some of the most powerful Technology companies. Read more at: “Millions At Risk After Top Publishers Hit By Malvertising Attack”.

Unfortunately, these online pirates aren’t just going after the big guys. Many small businesses, law firms and even local governments have been hit with these versions of ransomware over the last year and some as recent as this week.


It is crucial that you protect your files and data against intrusion via firewalls and anti-virus software. However, these safeguards are not always 100% effective. Even backups stored on your servers and network are at risk.  

It is very important that firms invest in disaster recovery that provide off-site and/or cloud backup strategies that insure 100% recovery if their systems are penetrated. It’s the responsibility of firms to make this valuable investment to protect and ensure the integrity of their data. 

Viruses are malicious and have developed levels of complexity and transparency, they are getting more and more sophisticated by the day.

Crosspointe Consulting Group can help you design, plan and implement your backup strategies in conjunction with your IT support personnel. If you do not currently implement an off-site or cloud backup strategy, please reach out to us immediately to begin this assessment.  Call us at 877-357-0555 or send your email request to info@crosspointecg.com