Other Software

No matter what selection of software products you may use to manage your business, there are some common software “tools” which every business should be using to properly secure and protect your valuable data, and to access your system from remote locations.


Most software applications offer some form of backup capability, either scheduled or manual. That is important to configure, but is not in itself fully sufficient to protect your data. some form of remote backup capability, either on a removable device that can be stored in an off-site location, or can be stored directly to the Cloud, is really essential to preserve your company data. There is a wide selection of products which can meet this need, at various price points and with different capabilities and levels of complexity.

Here are three medium-range solutions with which we have had some experience.

Virus Protection

Anti-virus software is another important tool for protecting data. Because viruses are being spawned daily by ever more creative hackers and cyber-criminals, it is important to choose a product that is routinely maintained by the developer and provides frequent updates, which should be easy to apply. Again, there are a dizzying array of choices in this category at every price point and for almost any type of system. We think it is especially important to select an application which affords some measure of customization by the user. While essential, anti-virus software can significantly disrupt performance in some business-critical applications, and prevent the installation of service releases and upgrades,  if the anti-virus software is not configured properly. Here are three widely used anti-virus software applications that we have worked with.

Reach out to us if you would like to discuss your options for backing up your data and protecting it from virus infections