This month Sage will release the latest edition of its popular Timeslips time and billing application, Timeslips 2018.

Heading into its second year of having two different “flavors” of the product (Premium and Perpetual) – both now using the Firebird database – Sage has introduced to the Perpetual edition a few features formerly available only in the subscription-based Premium edition.

We hope that trend will continue, for the sake of our Perpetual clients!


New Features in the Perpetual Edition.

  1. The eCenter Transfer Utility is fully Integrated within Timeslips. If a firm subscribes to Timeslips eCenter’s Internet-based slip entry application, it is no longer necessary to install a separate application to collect time and expense slips entered “in the cloud” and upload new clients, timekeepers, and tasks. You can select eCenter integration directly from the “Special” menu in Timeslips.
  2. You can now view all reports in a single list. Timeslips 2018

If you are among the many Timeslips users constantly frustrated trying to remember which tab contains the report you need, you are in luck. By simply checking a box at the bottom of the Reports dialog box, you can create a new “All Reports” tab in the Reports window. All reports in the system will then display alphabetically on a single tab. Of course, you can still create a personal tab for the specific reports you use all the time (ask us how to do this!), but the single list is a great option as well. When this feature is active, a Search for Report field appears, enabling the user to search by report title or type.

Premium Features Now Also Available in Perpetual.

  1. Improved Performance. The Timeslips developers have worked hard to improve the speed of certain operations within the program, specifically for the Fee Allocation and Timekeeper Collections reports, as well as Reprint Bills, Timesheet Templates, and Split Billing.
  2. Add a Page Break Before Client Summary on Consolidated Bills. This is a welcome feature for any user who has encountered an ugly page break, with the Billing Summary headings at the bottom of one page and the body of the summary on the next page.
  3. Fee Allocation. Up to ten different categories are now available for tracking revenue based on percentage designations set up in Custom Fields, a great improvement over the previous three categories.
  4. Show Client’s Email Address on the Pre-Bill worksheet. If you send your invoices via email, this feature provides a visual cue for a missing email address. Check off “Client Email Address” in Pre-Bill Worksheet Options.
  5. Show an On-Screen Hint When Using “My Lists.” If you have My Lists enabled and you check the appropriate box in the Navigation Rules of your Preferences, Timeslips will display a hint when you open a list (such as Clients) where My Lists is activated.
  6. Quick Bills: Create and Print a Bill all on a Single Screen.This feature is useful if, for example, you have a one-time client to bill “on the fly”, and to be closed after issuing the single bill.

7.       Set the First Day of the Work Week. If Timeslips considers Sunday to be the first day of the work week but your firm uses Monday, for example, it’s now possible to change that setting so that the Timeslips weekly reports reflect your chosen first day of the week.

New Features Added to Timeslips Premium – see above for descriptions of these new features.

  1. eCenter Transfer Utility is now part of the Timeslips program.
  2. Optionally view all reports in a single list

All Timeslips users need to be aware of the change in Sage’s software obsolescence policy. As of August 1, the only editions of Timeslips officially supported by Sage will be 2018 and 2017. The only exception will be an extension to August 31 of eCenter compatibility for version 2016 users. Crosspointe will continue to support all editions of Timeslips, however.

If you would like to take advantage of these and other new Timeslips features, contact us at or 877-357-0555. Most of our consultants have been certified on Timeslips for many years, and continue to move our clients forward with newer technology, as well as supporting older editions of Timeslips.