Professional Services Accounting

Financial accounting is at the core of every business. Whether you consider your checkbook your financial management “system”, or have a full-featured accounting software program, it is important to recognize that these are tools. They should provide you with more information than just your checking account balance. Professional services accounting is no different in that regard.

Our purpose at Crosspointe Consulting Group is to help you and/or your accountant find efficient ways to manage your financial information. We can help you organize your information for faster financial statement preparation, better profitability analysis, and setups to facilitate tax preparation.

If your accountant needs certain reports, we can help you get organized so you can easily provide the relevant information for the accountant. Crosspointe Consulting Group’s consultants have years of experience working with accountants and accounting software. We “speak accounting” when necessary, and can “translate” your accountant’s input back to you in language you can understand.

Get more out of your accounting budget by using your accountant as your financial advisor, not your bookkeeper.