Most software manufacturers today, including the ones whose products we support, go to great lengths to point out how easy to use their software is. This is an important consideration for many prospective software purchasers, who want to be up and running quickly, with little or no down time. Well designed software solutions are key to business success today.

We frequently point out to our clients that a hammer is also easy to use, and can be purchased at almost any hardware store or home center. Purchasing a hammer, however, does not necessarily enable one to build a four bedroom, three bath home with attached two-car garage.

What software manufacturers do not tell their sales prospects is that, while their products are indeed easy to use once set up, they are not so easy to initially configure to meet your specific information management needs. Configuring software is not the same as using software, and typically requires:

  • deep product knowledge
  • strong business skills
  • a good grasp of current management practices

Given enough time and technical know how, most reasonably intelligent users could ultimately configure their own systems to their specifications. Is that really the best use of your time, however? We believe a much more efficient, and ultimately less expensive, approach is to merge your knowledge of your business with our knowledge of software and technology, to create a system that is configured to your specifications and provides the information you need to manage your firm more effectively.

To borrow a phrase from one of those hammer-selling home centers: Let’s build something together We can combine your knowledge of your business with our knowledge of software and technology to create a productive and efficient system that is indeed easy to use.

Let's build a solution that works for you - together.