Software Deployment

Software deployment is rarely, if ever, a “plug and play” operation. Whether upgrading an existing package or implementing a new one, there are many pieces of the puzzle to put in place. Here are some of the implementation items to consider when evaluating whether or not to install a new application, or upgrade an existing one, on your own:

  • Converting existing data to use in the new program
  • Installation of some or all of the software on a server and on individual computers
  • Integration with other packages, when applicable
  • Training users on the package and its features
  • Customizing the package and/or its reports to meet your particular needs

Your needs are as unique as your company, and you may need one, two or more of the above services to get your new package deployed successfully.

Crosspointe Consulting Group can help find which pieces belong in your puzzle, and help you put them together to make the right fit for your firm or business.