Data Conversion

Data conversion is often a neglected item in the overall project plan for a new system implementation. Do you plan to move to a new system for billing or practice management? Crosspointe provides a project management team that combines strong technical skills with experience in both the data to be migrated, the conversion process, and the target system. Our conversion services will move data to the new system, saving you the effort of manually recreating your information, and ensuring accuracy when you start using the new software.

With a firm grounding in many popular billing and practice management systems, we are able to identify what can – and cannot – be migrated, and provide “data mappings” to show you what items in your old system will appear in your new one, and where those items will appear.

Our Crosspointe database specialists can move your data into your new system, including the following:

  • Client and matter information
  • Billing entries
  • Notes
  • Calendar entries
  • Emails
  • Documents

If you are considering a move to a new system and have existing data to migrate to that new system, contact us to discuss how we might be able to make the move easier for you.