Software Integration and Customization

Do you need to integrate or customize your firm’s present software so it can do more than it can currently provide? Maybe you have an idea for a system or workflow tool that will greatly increase the efficiency of your day to day operations, but don’t want to break the bank on new software subscriptions and training. Do you use software that doesn’t seem to communicate well with your staff and your clients,  or communicate at all?

Crosspointe Consulting Group has designed and developed many custom  applications, tools and processes for those firms who dream big. Utilize your own web-based or desktop-based inventions or custom macro toolbars for Office to increase the efficiency of your firm. We can take your ideas, or your biggest unresolved problems, and provide a solution custom-tailored to fit your exact need.

Examples of our custom developed tools:

  • New Inquiry form import to Time Matters
  • Scan documents directly into Time Matters from a copier
  • Billable time and billable hours snapshots for year to year reporting
  • Custom powerviews for Time Matters

We can take your ideas for more efficient workflow and better reporting and analysis and translate those ideas into workable solutions. Contact us with your ideas to see what we can offer you.