Purchasing a software license and implementing the system in your environment is only the first leg of the journey. Ultimately, something will go wrong with your system, and you will need to seek out professional advice to get it repaired. Or a new release, or a new version, will become available and need to be installed, or a fascinating new feature will be unveiled, with little or no documentation to explain how best to implement it.

Many software products today are licensed – on a subscription basis – bundled with “technical support.” This is very useful when the cause of your issue is technical, and is rooted in the application itself. All too frequently that is not the case. The problem is all too often an “environmental” one, not caused by the application itself but the application’s interaction with your network. Or the problem is a business processing/workflow issue, where the application is not delivering the expected business results. Or that new feature looks very appealing, but the path to implementing it in your environment is at best murky.

We cut our teeth on all these kinds of issues, where product-specific “technical support” comes up empty. As experienced, independent technology consultants we have encountered just about every type of environmental and business-specific issue imaginable, and thus are able to offer services beyond what the subscription-based product support specialists at the software vendor are able to address.

Whether on a "per incident" basis, an hourly rate billing arrangement, or via annually contacted support services, we can deliver the support services you need to keep your system operating efficiently and trouble-free. And we can fix it when it breaks - as it inevitably will.