Implementation Services

Implementation of a software system includes all the processes involved after the software sale has been made. Therefore, an implementation plan should include distinct phases that identify

  • staff/resource requirements
  • system installation considerations
  • configuration
  • customization
  • testing
  • systems integrations
  • company workflows
  • user training
  • final product rollout
  • contingencies for making necessary changes as they arise.

For an implementation process to be successful, many tasks between different staff members and, possibly, departments may need to be accomplished. Unfortunately, many projects fail as a consequence of inadequate planning at the beginning stages of the project. This could be due to inadequate resources, lack of knowledge, or unforeseen problems that arise.  Companies should strive to use best practices and enlist assistance from professionals to help guide them through the implementation process.

If you would like more information regarding how we can assist you, please let us know. You may find our page on Needs Analysis/Software Selection of interest in that regard. It outlines what needs to be addressed before you start a software implementation.

At Crosspointe Consulting Group we have proven methodologies in place, and Certified Project Management Professionals on staff, to assure your implementation runs as efficiently and successfully as possible.