Software Selection

When selecting new software for your organization a structured Needs Analysis may be the best place to start. That analysis should evaluate all current processes in your organization, with a focus on improving efficiency and productivity within those processes. Documenting current business workflows can help in identifying how those processes can be improved.

The analysis should look at both the technology environment and staff resources. As part of the environment, culture and physical space should be considered. When reviewing staff resources, consider if there are enough people to take on a project of this size, and review their skill set. Are there enough people to form a committee to help with the selection process? If so, they should be identified.

System requirements should be considered, from both a feature set and a hardware infrastructure standpoint. Review and document the specifics of each server and workstation. Additionally, look at the peripherals. For instance, take note of the printers, note the type of network cabling, are there hubs or switches? If it is switches, are they gigabit switches?

When a full Needs Analysis is not needed, Crosspointe Consulting Group is happy to work with clients to select software tool(s) to assist in meeting their requirements. To do this, we will consider areas such as:

• Budget
• Functions
• Features
• Benefits
• Technology
• User Capability

After talking with the decision makers and end users concerning the above areas, we will be able to evaluate those areas against available packaged software. While this does require valuable staff time, it is vital for a successful outcome.

Ultimately, this comparison will result in a spreadsheet analysis, showing which packages on the market most closely suits the client’s needs. At least five packages (if available) will be evaluated against those needs.

After narrowing down the top two choices, Crosspointe Consulting Group will arrange for a demonstration of the software so that it can be further qualified. Again, additional client time will be required for this evaluation. After looking at the top two choices and demos, CCG will provide a short one or two page report with recommendations.

If you would like more information on how we can assist you with identifying your needs, please let us know. You may also find our page on Implementation Management of interest. It outlines considerations to address before and during your software implementation.

Crosspointe Consulting Group has the experience to help you select the best software tools for your organization. Contact us to start a conversation.