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New Release of Timeslips Premium Available

A new service release for Timeslips Premium became available on March 24, 2020. The feature list fior this new release can be accessed by clicking the button below.

5 Essential Remote Work Tips from PCLaw | Time Matters

For some, working from home is standard. For others, it is completely new, and a reality now faced by many due to the spread of COVID-19. Whether you are working from your home office, your kitchen table, or your favorite lounge chair, you may be experiencing a bit of “workplace culture shock.

NetDocuments Introduces Client Portal for Document Sharing

Sharing files with clients and outside parties is typically done via unsecure and messy email chains, or the use of costly third-party services. NetDocuments CollabSpaces eliminates the need for both of these solutions and provides a single place where users can easily share, collaborate on, and manage access to files across organizations.

Worldox GX4 Now Includes Worldox Web 3.0

Worldox now includes access to Worldox WEb 3.0, along with a host of features, including a more powerful email engine and a redesigned user interface.


Global Vision – Regional Focus – Local Presence

Law office management software is a specialty “niche” in the software industry, with which not all software consultants are proficient. Crosspointe has worked with law firms of all sizes and types for almost 30 years. We are very familiar with the  software needs for a legal practice, as those needs have evolved with emerging new technologies over the years. We invite you to browse our pages here to learn more about the various products that we support for our law firm clients

Our Full Range Of Services

Crosspointe supports software products in four main categories:

  • Time Billing
  • Case / Practice Management
  • Document Management
  • Accounting

About Crosspointe Consulting Group

Crosspointe Consulting Group is an affiliation of  independent consulting organizations focused on law office management software. We have offices in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., and a development office in South Carolina.


Services For All Of Your Business Needs


Time Billing

Time is “the coin of the realm” for most law firms. Tracking and managing that time efficiently is perhaps the most essential exercise in successfully managing a law firm. Whether billing by the hour, by contingency, or by fixed fee for services, time billing software is a critical tool for building a productive and profitable law firm. We offer a range of software products that address this key task.

Practice Management

A solid practice management system should be the core product around which a law firm manages its many tasks, appointments, deadlines, and work products. A well-designed practice management system can also serve as a “client portal”, allowing the firm’s clients to exchange information with the firm in a safe and secure fashion. We can help with the configuration of a system that will meet all of the firm’s case management needs.

Document Management

Documents are the core asset for most law firms. Managing the content of the firm’s documents can be challenging without the aid of a structured, organized content management system. We support a variety of software products, both Cloud-based and on-premise, that can “tame the document beast.”

Small Business Accounting

All businesses of any size need some way to manage finances. In a service-oriented business like a law firm, tracking expenses and billings, and managing the collection process, is critical to the firm’s financial solvency. We can assist in the selection and design of a financial managment that addresses these key requirements.



Crosspointe Consulting Group has developed standardized processes for assessing your firm’s use of technology, and recommending ways to leverage  technology to more efficiently manage the “information workflow” both within your company and between your company and your clients. 

Software Selection

When selecting new software for your organization a structured needs analysis is often the best place to start. That analysis should evaluate all current processes in your organization, with a focus on improving efficiency and productivity within those processes. Documenting current business workflows can help in identifying how those processes can be improved. WE have experience in all of these areas and can help you avoid purchasing the wrong product for your firm’s needs.


System Implementation

Implementation of a software system includes all the processes involved after the software sale has been made. For an implementation process to be successful, many tasks between different staff members and departments need to be accomplished.   Companies should strive to use best practices for this, and enlist assistance from professionals to help guide them through the implementation process. Our company has significant experiencing in guiding firms through the software implementation process to arrive at the desired end-product.


"I cannot adequately express how thankful I am for all of your help and support over the years. The firm celebrated 20 years in September and for a large chunk of that time, you were there. When you started with us, we were small but growing, and now we are the top Nonprofit law firm in the area, just recently adding a fifth attorney. You helped us get there by making sure that this critical part of our business was working. We relied on your product knowledge and patience to keep business running. Thank you for everything you did for us!! I hope that we cross paths again and if you ever need a client reference, I am there."

Mark S.
Laura Solomon and Associates

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Client Since 1995

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Client Since 1995

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Client Since 1995


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