CosmoLex integrates with NetDocuments!  We have been waiting a long time for this. CosmoLex® and NetDocuments® consultants spoke and CosmoLex listened.  We have witnessed countless CosmoLex improvements over the years as a result of our two-way communication.

At Crosspointe Consulting we are delighted to announce that CosmoLex’s new version 6.0 release has an integration with NetDocuments. NetDocuments is a content management platform designed to store your firm’s content in the cloud. This integration gives your firm streamlined functionality and mobility by allowing you to access content from anywhere in the world.

With this new integration, you will be able to store client content such as documents, recordings, exhibits and emails in NetDocuments but gain the ability to interact with them from within your CosmoLex practice management interface. This seamless and easy-to-use integration will reduce your time spent navigating separate programs. The connection provides a powerful way to better service your clients, handle workflow, and manage your cases.

CosmoLex President Rick Kabra  says, “Everything we design is meant to set our clients up for success by leveraging technology, so it makes sense to partner with NetDocuments, another company that truly values the benefits and mobility of the cloud.” At Crosspointe Consulting, we are excited that our CosmoLex customers will benefit from this powerful integration because it enables them to focus on billable work and building their practice.

Dana Riel and I viewed a demo of the integration.This is one of the slickest integrations to NetDocuments we have seen. Many NetDocuments connections are simply links to NetDocuments.  They take you from your existing program and put you in NetDocuments.  They achieve nothing more than a mere switch over to your NetDocuments window. CosmoLex takes it up several levels.

In NetDocuments, you define document attributes to make them easier to find, for example: document type, author and area of law. CosmoLex’s integration carries those attributes over to NetDocuments on your upload.CosmoLex Integrates with NetDocuments

When a user uploads a new document from CosmoLex to NetDocuments, the user can use drop-down menus to select and assign any of the NetDocuments attributes. It is not just a blind upload that later needs to be profiled.

In CosmoLex, you can see the associated documents, emails and other content stored within NetDocuments. You can see the structure in NetDocuments and the lists of documents within each folder.

CosmoLex Integrates with NetDocuments

I know this is hard to read but the screen shot shows you the NetDocuments Workspaces, the files, and even has a link to open it without having to leave CosmoLex.

About CosmoLex: 
CosmoLex is a cloud-based law practice management software that integrates trust and business accounting, time tracking, billing, email and document management, and tasks and calendaring, in a single application. Trusted by thousands of legal professionals across the U.S. and Canada, CosmoLex is a leader in next-gen legal practice management software.  Its integrated accounting designed specifically for law firms, eliminates the need for double entry or synchronization with another accounting program.

About NetDocuments: 
Founded in 1999, NetDocuments is a content management platform built exclusively for the Cloud.  Many NetDocuments customers are law firms and corporate legal departments.  With close to 20 years’ experience and offices across the globe, NetDocuments offers world-class, enterprise-level security, up-time reliability, and unmatched usability.

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