Timeslips 2020 VersionIf it’s spring, then it must be time for a new Sage Timeslips release. Sure enough, version 2020 arrived earlier this month. In addition to a number of fixes, several enhancements and new features have been added that we think our clients will benefit from. We have already begun to install this upgrade at our clients’ offices.


Potential game-changers:

Jump to a specific page when printing reports and bills to display

In previous versions, the navigation arrows on a report display would move by one page at a time. Now, the current page number can be edited, so typing “53” would instantly display page 53, thus avoiding having to click once for each page bypassed.

Depending on the typical page count of a firm’s bills, this feature is arguably more useful in reports than in bills, since the “jump to” works only on the pages of the bill currently displayed on the screen.


Instantly pay a specific invoice

This capability adds a right-click option when highlighting an invoice record: “Pay This Invoice” creates a payment transaction for the correct amount and current date, and applies it directly to the selected invoice. Other invoices with outstanding amounts are also displayed in case you want to apply some of the payment to a different invoice. But if the entire payment applies to a single invoice, all you need to do is specify the payment type and optionally add a check number. This speeds the process of payment entry in cases where a payment is received that applies to one invoice. The feature is available from the Accounts Receivable List screen.


Instantly reverse a payment

Similarly, right-clicking on a bad payment in the AR Transaction List now has “Reverse This Payment” as an option. This is a significant improvement over creating the Reverse Payment transaction and then having to search for the payment to apply it to.


Manage slip stopwatch timers

At long last, users have more control over the timer feature by being able to display a list of all active timers. Users can now not only stop their own timers, but any running timers.  This makes for more accurate time tracking and helps to prevent the dreaded stuck timer scenario.


Transfer unapplied amounts to unrelated clients

A transfer transaction, rather than being applicable only to related matters, can now be applied to any client with an outstanding balance.
2020 Version



“Nice to have” features:

Additional filtering on Pre-Bill Worksheet

In addition to “Include bills with balances but no activity” the Options dialog box on Pre-Bill Worksheet now allows the choice of whether or not to “include bills with activity and no billable charges.”



“Apply All” on credit and write-off transactions

Timeslips 2020’s credit and write-off entry screens now include an “Apply All” button, similar to on payments, for cases where a transaction will apply to more than one outstanding invoice. In older versions, a credit or write-off would have to be applied individually using the “Apply One” button for each included invoice. The process of applying a transaction to a client’s entire outstanding balance is greatly facilitated by this feature.


New information in “Generation of Bills Completed”

The information available about the bills just generated has been expanded.

Timeslips Version 2020


Expansion of “type to select” in reports

Slip Selection has been added to the lists where filters can be applied to a report by typing the first few characters. To aid in implementing this feature, the slip list columns can now be sorted by clicking on the desired column heading.

It’s important to note that users of Sage Timeslips eCenter who are still on Timeslips 2018 must upgrade no later than April 30, 2019 to continue downloading slips from eCenter.


The Timeslips-certified consultants at Crosspointe Consulting Group can get you up to speed quickly on capabilities added to each new version. Contact us today by email at info@crosspointecg.com or by calling 877-357-0555.