Courts will often require a comprehensive listing of all fees and costs absorbed by the presenting firm before awarding judgment to that firm for fees and costs incurred. The History Report in CosmoLex presents detailed time and expense activity, along with payment information, to provide a comprehensive billing history record for the Court. It shows billed, unbilled, and unbillable activity.

Sage Timeslips has a report called “History Bill for the Court”, so I was on a mission to find the equivalent reporting information in Cosmolex.  Combining and then manipulating three separate reports in Microsoft Word was just not a good solution.

Enter the CosmoLex Matter Billing Log. The Matter Billing Log can be found in CosmoLex under the individual Matter’s Billing tab.  In that tab, there is an Action Button.

History Report in CosmoLex

Select this magic button, and you will see a Report – Matter Billing Log.  Choose this Log:

  • Set the date range – generally to all
  • Include All Fee Entries and Print Task and Descriptions
  • Include All Cost Entries and Print Expense and Descriptions
  • Include Payment Transactions
  • Pint to PDF or Excel

This will give you all the information you need to present to the Court for approval of your bill.

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