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Sage Software, the manufacturers of Timeslips, are keeping true to their promise to provide new features and upgrades on a quarterly basis for the subscription version of Timeslips known as Timeslips Premium. (Please Note: This update is for Timeslips Premium only and not for their last permanent license edition known as Timeslips 2020.)   This latest update delivers on exciting new features plus a few improvements.

  • Do you have to file electronic billing data to audit houses? 
  • Do you need to provide receipts for client-related expenses along with your bills? 

You’re going to like this – keep reading…

New Enhancement – A LOT More Flexibility in LEDES Audit House Templates – Those of you who have to file electronic billing data files with audit houses know that your clients’ claim to use “standard” LEDES templates when in fact, they are anything but standard.  Some want a special file extension.  Some want quantity units to have more than two decimal places.  The June update now addresses both these issues.

All setups for LEDES templates now have multiple panels.  The General panel contains a new field where users may cite the file extension required by an audit house.  So, if one audit house requires a data file to end in .DAT, while another requires a .TXT extension, this can be set up to automatically generate a file that does not need renaming.

And then there is the issue with some audit houses requiring quantity units for expenses to be other than two decimal places.  No problem – now the Line Items panel allows users to meet that requirement –

Would you believe we have a client who needed to file LEDES bills with an audit house that nevertheless instructed our client to change the titles in the column headings of their files … no problem!  The Headings panel will let users edit those headings to be what those audit houses require.

New Enhancement – Attaching PDF files to Invoices – Timeslips has allowed users to attach graphic files or scanned graphic files to slips for some time now, so that they either print at the end of a bill or are included when a bill is saved in .PDF format.  This new enhancement (1) now allows scanned files in .PDF format to be attached to slips.  This is especially useful when a receipt (such as a hotel bill) is a multi-page document. 

New Enhancement – Maintaining Auto Payments from Funds When Undoing Bills — In previous versions of Timeslips, when you undid approval for a bill that included automatic payments from funds, Timeslips would delete those payments or, worse yet, send correcting entries when Timeslips was linked to an accounting program.  Now, you can choose how Timeslips handles that situation, for example, with an additional option to preserve those payments.  This is useful because, for the most part, an undone bill will be quickly revised.

Our Sage Timeslips consultants are pleased – and our clients are pleased – with Timeslips’ philosophy of “doing it right and doing it better” with support and new and improved features that benefit their customers.  Want to get the most from Timeslips and other programs?  We’re here to help – with training, customization and knowledge of our supported products that add up to over 100 years.  Call us at 877-357-0555 or write to us at info@corsspointecg.com.