PCLaw | Time Matters LLCIn yet another interesting merger of companies offering both on-premise and cloud-based law office software applications, LexisNexis and LEAP Group Holdings Inc. recently announced  a joint venture called PCLaw | Time Matters LLC. The new PCLaw | Time Matters LLC entity is expected to launch at the end of May, with staff from the PC Law and Time Matters teams at Lexis transitioning to the new entity.

So what does this mean for our clients who use Time Matters and PCLaw?  Nothing but good stuff!

The joint press release from both organizations states that under the agreement, PCLaw | Time Matters LLC  will be jointly-operated by LEAP and LexisNexis, and will provide law firm customers with:

  • product enhancements,
  • improved customer support for LexisNexis’ leading on-premise solutions, and
  • a simple migration path to LEAP’s best-in-class cloud solution. 

Translation = We are hopeful this joint venture gives both Time Matters and PCLaw more independence from top corporate heads at RELX, who owns LexisNexis, and grants more influence to those who are used to being closer to end users and their software needs.

As your consultants for both products, we are (cautiously) optimistic about what we are seeing and hearing.  While we cannot yet talk about details, we are already seeing innovation in areas we’ve long wanted – and waited – to see.

This joint venture also means this is not like the Amicus/Hot Docs purchase by Abacus and subsequent decline of those products.  There seems to be a clear and obvious path to taking both of those programs to the cloud.

It remains to be seen if this can be done, but we’re all for it!  Certainly there is a commitment to making both programs grow and thrive. And while Time Matters or PCLaw users won’t be forced to move to the cloud or to the LEAP application, the direction of legal technology towards cloud-based applications in general might make it worthwhile.

So stay tuned…. Things are definitely looking up for both of these products.  We’re all looking forward to learning more at this year’s Time Matters / PC Law conference in September.  More to come…

Do you use either of these award-winning practice management products?  If so, are you using them to their full potential in order to realize yours?  Our consultants at Crosspointe have many years’ experience in implementation, training and customization in both Time Matters and PCLaw, individually and collectively.  We’ve always believed “the sky’s the limit” in what you can do, particularly with Time Matters.  Call us at 877-357-0555 or send questions to us at info@crosspointe.com .