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ndSync netdocumentsDocument management systems are great – they keep us organized and help us quickly and efficiently locate documents.  But in order to work, users have to follow the rules.  And there is always that one person who can’t quite seem to manage it. You know them: they are the ones with many folders on their desktop screen and no amount of telling them those documents are on their C: drive (where a hard drive failure would wipe them out!) seems to get through.  NetDocuments now has a solution for those users – ndSync for NetDocuments keeps such users in their “comfort zone” while working in the background to ensure those documents are safely and securely stored within the organization’s account.

After installing ndSync on a workstation, the user logs in and enters their password for their NetDocuments account.  They will then be prompted to select the folders, workspaces and/or filters they want to access and synchronize.


Once ndSync is set up, it uses a “pull-push” method of synchronization.  If a change is made to a document on a workstation, ndSync “pushes” it out to the corresponding document in the repository.  If a change is made to a document by someone else, ndSync “pulls” it down to the corresponding document on the workstation.  Synchronization is done every 30 minutes by default, unless done manually.  In NetDocuments those folders, documents, workspaces and filters that are set for synchronization are marked with an icon as illustrated:

ndSync netdocuments

With ndSync, NetDocuments allows users to keep copies of documents on their workstations – and yes, even in folders on their desktop screens — in a format with which they are familiar.  It also supports multi-device synchronization, ensuring the latest changes are on tablets, laptops or other devices (even smartphones!), no matter what the operating system.  With a blend of the familiar yet with cutting edge technology, NetDocuments ensures its primacy in cloud-based document management systems.

Next to accounting and time & billing, we find that document management is easily identified as a matter of concern to organizations.  The members of Crosspointe Consulting Group can make recommendations to find solutions for this pain point, whether for a traditional client-server environment for a single site; or a cloud-based solution for multiple sites or users on the go.  Call us at 877-357-0555 to discuss your document management needs and find solutions.