Recently Jack Schaller published an article here on our blog on how to store invoices organized by client in a document management program.

It’s a good idea and one that makes NetDocuments shine.  But in order to do that, your time and billing program needs to be able to (1) generate bills in a PDF format; and (2) support the ability to store those invoices in an automated manner. Sage Timeslips handles both with ease.

Beginning with Timeslips Version 2012 and higher, Sage Timeslips offers users the option to identify where bills in .PDF format can be stored, and can set up folders by client within that location.

To begin, go to the Setup menu in Timeslips and select Document Locations

  • document locations


  • By default, the folder is called “Docs” and is stored under the database folder. This can be changed if desired.
  • The client folders can be assigned by their Nickname 1, or use a custom folder name.
  • The feature will create folders on an “as needed” basis so unused folders will not take up valuable space.
  • If those folders already exist, users have the option of putting bills in a “Bills” subfolder underneath the client folder, or statements in a “Statements” subfolder.

Once this feature is set up, it then becomes a simple matter of selecting the option to place bills in these locations after bills are generated.

pdf options

Sage Timeslips is a powerful program with several features that make time tracking, expense tracking and billing easier and more efficient for your organization. And we know what those features are!  Contact us at 1-877-357-0555 or by email at and let us help you get the most out of your billing and document management software.

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