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Sage Software recently notified us of a change in the “Sage 50 obsolescence policy” for supporting editions of the Sage 50 product prior to the current edition. As of February 28, 2018, Sage will end support for any edition of Sage 50 prior to the 2018 edition (the current version). After this date the following will no longer be available to users of any version earlier than the 2018 edition:
  • Program updates
  • Tax table updates
  • Tax form updates
  • Direct deposit connection to Sage Managed Payroll
  • Credit card processing with Sage Exchange

This does not mean that you can no longer use your software after that date. You will, however, no longer be able to use any of the services listed above. Aside from these listed services, your software will continue to operate normally, and you are under no license obligation to purchase new software unless you need to use any of the above services.

As has always been the case, our Sage 50 consultants at Crosspointe will continue to support all editions of Sage 50, whether or not your edition is supported by the manufacturer. We will continue to offer remote support sessions for any user of Sage 50, using any version of the product. We also offer training, implementation and custom reporting services for our clients.

Sage’s prior policy had been to support the current and two previous editions of their software. Sage felt that this policy change was necessary for the following reasons:

  • more frequent updates to the Windows operating system released by Microsoft
  • a significant increase in the number of viruses and malware that have been circulating in recent months
  • frequent updates to tax tables on the state & local levels

We understand Sage’s position, as a software company maintaining a complicated product in an extremely “fluid” environment.  We believe, however, that the decision on if, when, and how to upgrade a business’s mission-critical software should rest with the software purchaser, without penalty from the software supplier for choosing not to follow the supplier’s upgrade schedule.

The Sage 50 consultants on our team have a total of almost 60 years’ experience supporting all “flavors” of the Sage 50/Peachtree product, with hundreds of clients using the software on a daily basis. As the guy from the Farmer’s Insurance commercial says on that clever ad, “We’ve seen a thing or two.”
Call us at 877-357-0555 or email us at info@crosspointecg.com, if you have questions  about your Sage 50 software and your upgrade options; or with any other issues regarding your accounting software.