Timeslips is an excellent billing application that is used by hundreds of our clients, and has been popular in law offices for many years. Some recent changes in the way Timeslips is being sold and supported by Sage (the licensor for Timeslips), however, has caused some clients to start asking about alternatives, especially those firms considering a move to a Cloud-based billing system. For those seekers, TimeSolv may well be the ideal answer.


TimeSolv is a complete billing and accounts receivable system, with multiple billing formats, multiple billing rates, compliance with LEDES, Chubb, and other electronic bill audit services, trust accounting, conflict checking, and a slew of other interesting billing features.  Feature by feature, it matches up very closely with Timeslips’ capabilities. And it offers a few things that Timeslips does not.

Most importantly for Timeslips users, TimeSolv can perform a full data migration from your Timeslips database to the TimeSolv database. TimeSolv staff will work with you through a comprehensive, step-by-step conversion process, to bring all of your data into TimeSolv. (We can vouch for the conversion process, since we helped them design it – wink, wink). TimeSolv can convert historical data from many other on-premises legal billing systems, as well.

Timeslips-to-TimeSolvAs with all Cloud-based applications, especially ones involving sensitive client and financial information, security should be a paramount concern. To that end, TimeSolv:

  • uses a secure data center that is staffed and guarded 24/7
  • employs SSL data transmission protocols with full two-way encryption
  • stores firm passwords in encrypted format, so that only firm personnel can access the data
  • disallows TimeSolv support personnel from accessing the firm’s data without first requesting a temporary password, assigned by the firm itself to the support rep.

TimeSolv also offers an optional automatic scheduled backup capability, so that you can receive a fully exported copy of all of your data to store on-premises, if desired, based on your schedule needs.

Finally, TimeSolv provides live, instructor-led training for both system administrators and users, to learn how to complete all of the system setup options, perform all billing functions, and activate conflict searches. All of that training is included with your monthly subscription fee. Self-paced online training is also available, for users who prefer to “learn on their own.” And of course unlimited telephone support is included in the subscription fee, as are all upgrades to the application.

If you would like to schedule a demonstration of the TimeSolv application you can click this link to make an appointment with a TimeSolv representative, who will take you on a guided tour of the application.

If you would like to start your own free 30-day trial of the software, you can register for that – no credit card required! – by clicking this link to activate the trial..

Crosspointe remains actively involved in selling and supporting Timeslips, and we continue to believe that Timeslips is a solid billing product.  Changes in corporate policy at software companies, however, is a fact of life today in the technology industry, and as independent consultants we need to keep all of our options open at all times. We want to be fully prepared to support all of our clients, in whatever direction they may choose to move. Finding Cloud-based alternatives to traditional billing software falls into this category. We believe, based on what we have seen so far, that TimeSolv is a solid billing option for Timeslips users who are concerned about Sage’s new support policies, or who are interested in moving to the Cloud.

Want to learn more about TimeSolv? Looking at other Cloud-based billing options? Send us your questions at info@crosspointecg.com, or give us a call at 877-357-0555. We will do our best to give you unbiased, impartial advice based on our knowledge of the software industry.